1947 Freedom Train book
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Hard Back Cover Book with Dust Jacket and Beautiful Full Color Illustrations. Recommended for ages 8 and up or a family/teacher read-aloud for ages 5-7.

When stopped at a train crossing on the way home from a baseball game, Grandpa Charles 
is reminded of his experience as a young boy going aboard the 1947 Freedom Train. Once he begins to tell about this memorable adventure and how much it still means to him, his grandchildren and their friends cannot stop asking questions. Grandpa’s story inspires their imaginations to create their own Freedom Train made out of cardboard boxes that they paint and decorate all week. Soon the neighborhood kids jump on board and explore the powerful impact of this historical event, discovering a deeper understanding of freedom and what it means to be an American.

  • Item #: 978-0-9895781-03

1947 Freedom Train book

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